Why Profitbird Is The Best Automated, Easy To Use, And Secure Cryptocurrency Investment Platform Today?

Choosing the right cryptocurrency exchange for bitcoin investment may be one of the most crucial initial tasks an interested investor must complete. Picking the wrong platform can potentially lead them down a road riddled with hacks, distractions, and wasted effort. In this article, we discuss ProfitBird as the simplest, easy, and secure platform linking users to bitcoin stock exchanges available in the market.

First, A Brief Introduction About Profitbird

ProfitBird is an online investment platform that permits users to invest in cryptocurrencies. Users can follow the 3- simple step procedure to get going on ProfitBird:

  1. Set-up an account
  2. Link their cryptocurrency exchange and
  3. Start investing in a matter of seconds.

ProfitBird does the rest of the work. It automatically invests the user’s funds in an optimal cryptocurrency portfolio, and using proven and smart trading technology, ProfitBird actively trades their funds. Users can check how their investments are performing on the personal online dashboard, 24/7. That is what ProfitBird calls smart, easy, and secure investing for everyone.


Reasons Why Profitbird Is The Best Bet For Cryptocurrency Trading


  • Easy to invest: There is no need to be an active investor or a finance expert to start investing. Plans start at just €50.
  • Easy to use: Getting started is easy. Users can set-up their account and link their exchange. Then, they can open their online dashboard and start investing with just one click.
  • Peace of mind: There is no need for user tracking or investing in the cryptocurrency markets themselves. ProfitBird does it for them. Thus, the users need not have to worry about crypto prices going up or downhill.


  • Substantial Money Growth: ProfitBird’s cutting edge technology invests at just the right time and secures the user’s profit in case the market goes down. The goal is to grow the investor’s money while managing risk.
  • Manage risk: Users choose the amount they want to invest and manage their risk profile. They can update it at any time. Hence, they can manage risk according to their circumstances.
  • 100% Transparent: Users can check all their investments in real-time on their dashboard at any time. The analytics also includes their return on They can check it 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


  • Complete Control: Users can start or stop investing money at any time. ProfitBird automatically invests their funds on their behalf, putting them in control at all times.
  • Secure Funds: The user’s funds are and remain in their cryptocurrency exchange account at all times. ProfitBird has no access to their funds. It only invests them on their behalf.
  • Secure Technology: ProfitBird believes in giving top priority to its security technology and investment It is what our team continuously invests in, now and in the future.

What Makes Profitbird Different From Other Automated Crypto Trading Bots In The Market?

The other trading bots available in the market are:

  • 3Commas is a crypto trading terminal which features SmartTrade terminal that allows the users to set bot-trading, execute orders and trades, and stop-loss/profit positions.
  • Cryptohopper allows users to trade in a cryptocurrency based on either their indicators or copy other trader’s strategies.
  • Shrimpy focuses on portfolio strategies such as rebalancing, unlike other trading bots, but lacks other essential aspects.

On the other hand, ProfitBird is the only platform that enables fully automated and secure investing. Users do not have to set up their trades, follow or change signallers, update or change settings, or interfere with the trade set-up regularly. ProfitBird accomplishes all these tasks for them.

Add-On: Best Investments at Competitive Pricing

ProfitBird gives its investors the option to choose from 5 five different plans. Hence, they can plan their bitcoin investment according to their needs. All these plans offer the following features:

  • They offer 24/7 investment in cryptocurrencies
  • The Price and investment analysis refreshes every 1 minute providing the user’s valuable insights.
  • Users get the option of an unlimited number of trades and coins.
  • There is a fixed monthly fee, no extra costs by ProfitBird.
  • Users get full personal dashboard access.
  • ProfitBird offers Active staff and community support for resolving any issues faced by users.


ProfitBird gives the cryptocurrency enthusiasts a chance to make the best investments by fully automating their finances as an add-on to crypto exchange. They can have peace of mind while effortlessly profiting from intelligent trading technology in an easy to use, secure, and automated way. After all, cryptocurrencies are still in their nascent stage, and this is the high time for starting to invest and reap the benefits later.