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Follow the steps below to create your Binance account:

1. Go to https://www.binance.com

2. Press the button Register in the top menu:

3. Create an account by filling in your Email address and Password:

4. Provide the Verification Code that was send to your registered email address:

5. You can get started by directly deposit funds by a payment method of choice. Deposit methods are further discussed here. For now, we skip the deposit step and press Go to Dashboard to start the verification process of your account:

6. When you first enter your personal dashboard, you will be asked to set up 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) to maximize the protection level of your Binance account. In this manual we will set up 2FA via Google Authentication:

Note: You can skip this step for now and activate 2FA at a later moment.

7. If you do not have installed the Google Authenticator on your mobile phone yet, download and install the app via the App Store or Google Play:

8. Scan the QR Code with the Authenticator App and press Next:

9. Back up the recovery key and provide your Login Password and Authentication Code on the next tab. Submit your request:

You have now enabled 2FA to maximize the protection level of your Binance account. Please note that you have to provide the 2FA code generated with the Authentication App when logging in to your Binance account.

10. With your unverified account you can make withdrawals with a daily limit of 2BTC and you cannot deposit/withdrawal fiat currencies. If you want to increase your withdrawal limit to 100BTC and to increase deposit limits for fiat currencies, you have to complete the identity verification process on your Binance account.

To upgrade your account, go to your account settings in the top menu and press the Identification button:

11. The verification process consists of 2 steps: Basic Info and ID & Face Verification. Press the Verify button under Basic Info to provide the information required for the first step:

12. Provide the requested information and press Begin Verification:

12. If your Basic Information has been verified, press Verify ID & Face to continue with the second verification step:

13. Press Start to start the verification process:

14. Choose your country/region and ID verification type. In this guide we will use the option Passport as ID type:

15. Upload the requested documents by either directly taking a photo or by uploading a scanned document. In this guide we choose the option Upload file:

16. Upload the requested document by pressing Choose file:

17. After checking the document press Confirm:

18. Next provide a photo copy of a selfie, press Choose file:

19. Check the uploaded document and press Complete:

20. As a final step you have to complete the face verification process via the Binance App. The Binance App can be downloaded via the App Store or Google Play. Follow the steps mentioned on your Binance account and proceed the verification process. If you are finished press the button I have completed on my phone:

Note: The ID and face verification process of Binance is very strict. Please make sure that photos / webcam pictures are of high quality and satisfies Binance verification requirements.You have 10 tries of uploading images every 24 hours.

21. The verification process is now completed. The verification process can take a few days to finish. The status of the identification process can be checked on the Identifiaction page: