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Your profitbirds at my.ProfitBird.com can trade from BTC and USDT. To transfer equity from 1 currency to another currency you can perform a limit or market order on your Binance account. Follow the steps below to transfer e.g. BTC to USDT. Note that the same procedure can be followed to trade from USDT to BTC or any other currency.

1. Sign in to your Binance account by going to https://www.binance.com.

2. Go to the menu Wallet in the top bar and press Spot Wallet:

3. Go to symbol BTC and press the Trade link:

4. Select the coin pair BTC/USDT from the drop-down list.

5. Create a New Order (buy or sell) and define the amount of e.g. BTC you want to purchase. Set the order type to Limit and press the Sell BTC button:

Note: If you want to transfer all BTC to USDT, press the 100% button and click Sell BTC.

6. If the limit order has been placed you will see the following notification:

7. If the order was succesfully created check the order details under the Order > Spot Order menu and check if the order has been filled.

8. If the order takes too long to fill, Cancel the order and replace the order by following step 2 to 5.

In a volatile market the limit sell order might not be filled. If you want your order to be filled in a short period of time, replace the order as a Market order (step 5) and check your balances / open orders afterwards.

If the order is succesfully closed it will become visible under the Order History tab: