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Binance accept fund withdrawals via different payment providers. Please be aware that most of the payment providers require a verified account to allow for withdrawals via wire transfer. If you already have an exchange account that directly allows for fiat withdrawals (like e.g. Kraken or Coinbase Pro), it is also possible to make a BTC transfer to these accounts and make a fiat withdrawal from these accounts to your bank account. The latter withdrawal method will be discussed in this guide, as it is the most straight forward way to make fund withdrawals from your Binance account. Please note that this withdrawal method is not free of charge, as transaction costs are charged when transferring funds from e.g. USDT to BTC and from e.g. Binance to Kraken.

Follow the steps below to make a BTC transfer from Binance to another exchange account:

1. Sign in to your Binance account by going to https://www.binance.com.

2. Make sure you have enough BTC value available for the withdrawal, otherwise follow the steps described here to transfer e.g. USDT to BTC.

3. Go to the menu Wallet in the top bar and press Spot Wallet:

4. Go to the Withdraw tab:

5. Provide the BTC address of the recipient (i.e. the BTC address provided by the exchange to which you want to make the deposit), and the Amount you want to withdraw. Press Submit:

6. Provide the 2 Factor Authentication Code (if enabled) and confirm the withdrawal via the received e-mail from Binance:

7. Your deposit has now been initiated. The estimated transaction time for BTC on Binance is around 30 min. The withdrawal progress can be tracked via the Deposit & Withdrawal History page on Binance: