Follow the steps below to change your investment amount:

1. Go to and log-in with your credentials

2. To change your investment amount press the CHANGE AMOUNT button in the AMOUNT overview or go to the Settings page via the ProfitBird menu:

3. To change your investment amount provide an amount in the same currency as your ProfitBird and press the UPDATE AMOUNT button:

Note: For paper trading there are no limits on the investment amount and the investment amount will not be checked with available funds on your exchange account. For live trading (paper trading de-activated), the investment amount will be checked with your pricing plan and your available funds on your exchange account. Does your investment amount exceeds the allowed investment amount of your pricing plan? Consider to upgrade your pricing plan to allow for higher investment amounts. More information on pricing plans can be found here. Are not enough funds available on your exchange account? Consider to deposit more funds to your selected exchange and currency and start investing!

4. After a succesfull update your Investment amount will be set to the updated value and a notification will be provided:

Your investment amount will be directly updated and your current investments will be updated accordingly. The investment amount per cryptocurrency can be analyzed via in the CURRENT INVESTMENTS pie chart on your dasboard:

Your total Investment amount and Investment result can be evaluated via the INVESTMENT OVERVIEW graph: