Follow the steps below to start live trading or to change your API Key and Secret:

1. Go to and log-in with your credentials

2. To enable live trading or to update your API Key and Secret go to the Exchanges page or press the link button on the Exchange-Currency tab:

3. If Paper trading is enabled (switch = ON), disable Paper trading first by pressing the ON/OFF switch.

Note: If you have enabled Paper trading and your Investment status is ON you have to stop investing first before changing your Paper trading mode:

4. To link your ProfitBird to your exchange account an API Key and Secret are required. With a linked account your ProfitBird will be able to invest and trade on your exchange account. More information on API Keys can be found here. Obtaining your API Key and Secret on your exchange account for Binance can be found here, for Kraken can be found here and for Coinbase Pro can be found here.

Provide your API Key and Secret in the requested fields:

5. Your API Key and Secret will be automatically checked. After a succesfull connection with your exchange account a notification will be provided:

Note: Please check your API Key and Secret if no connection could be made with your exchange account. Also make sure you provided proper rights to your API Key and Secret (see tutorials mentioned in step 4).