Follow the steps below to add ProfitBirds to your personal dashboard:

1. Go to and log-in with your credentials

2. To add a ProfitBird to your dashboard, press the Add button in the top bar or the ADD PROFITBIRD button on the INVESTMENT OVERVIEW tab:

3. To add a ProfitBird to your dashboard 4 steps are required. In the first step the exchange should be chosen which you want to link to your dashboard. Supported exchanges can be found here. More information and tutorials on exchanges can be found on the support home page. In this tutorial we select the Exchange Binance. Press NEXT >>:

4. In step 2 your exchange account can be linked to your dashboard by entering an API Key and Secret. More information on API Keys can be found here. Obtaining your API Key and Secret on your exchange account for Binance can be found here , for Kraken can be found here and for Coinbase Pro can be found here. Enter your API Key and Secret Key and press NEXT >>:

Do you prefer to start demo-trading first? This is possible by enabling Paper trading. Using this option you will not trade via your exchange account, but demo trades are performed to simulate the real-time performance of your ProfitBird. No API Key or Secret Key are required and you can directly start paper trading on your selected Exchange. If you prefer this option set the option Paper trading to ON and Press NEXT >>:

5. Next, provide the base currency and amount you want to invest. The base currency is used to start trading with on your exchange and to transfer any profits to. Also your investement amount and minimum investment amount is defined in the base currency. More informatin on base currencies can be found here. In this tutorial we select the (USD related) stable coin USDT. Provide the amount you want to invest and press NEXT >>:

Note: For paper trading there are no limits on the investment amount and the investment amount will not be checked with available funds on your exchange account. For live trading (paper trading de-activated), the investment amount will be checked with your pricing plan and your available funds on your exchange account. Does your investment amount exceeds the allowed investment amount of your pricing plan? Consider to upgrade your pricing plan to allow for higher investment amounts. More information on pricing plans can be found here. Are not enough funds available on your exchange account? Consider to deposit more funds to your selected exchange and currency and start investing!

6. In the final step you find a summary of your ProfitBird. You can either add the ProfitBird to your dashboard without starting your investments (ADD ONLY), or you can add your ProfitBird and directly start your investments (ADD & START INVESTING). If you choose the option ADD ONLY you can start your investments at any moment in time, find out here how to change your investment status. In this tutorial we directly start our investements and press ADD & START INVESTING:

7. Your ProfitBird has been succesfully added to your dashboard! Press Return to dashboard to follow the status of your investments!

8. On your dashboard your created ProfitBird will become visible and you can directly start following the status of your investments!