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If you want to start trading, you should set an investment amount.

The investment amount is defined in the base currency and can be set in your personal dashboard.

The investment amount should exceeds the minimum investment amount.

The minimum investment amount should be available on your exchange account upon the start of investing.

The following minimum investment amounts apply:

  • EURO: € 150 (or its equivalent in another base currency)

We advise a minimum deposit of €500,- on your exchange account for optimal performance. With this amount, ProfitBird is able to invest in multiple crypto currencies and improve the way the capital is allocated.

Want to change your investment amount when your ProfitBird is investing? No problem, you can always increase or decrease your investment amount while your ProfitBirds are active. Based on your new investment amount your investments will be updated. Find out here how to change your investment amount of your ProfitBirds.