Follow the steps below to create your Kraken account:

1. Go to

2. Press the button Create Account in the top menu:

3. Provide the requested information and press CREATE ACCOUNT:

4. Enter the activation key that was send to your e-mail address and press Activate Account:

5. To finish your Kraken account setup we follow the 3-step approach as shown on your dashboard. Start the verification process by pressing the button VERIFY:

6. Kraken proposes 3 different verification levels, with increasing limits regarding fund deposits and withdrawals. In this guide we choose the option Intermediate to allow for fiat deposits / withdrawals at a later stage:

Note: For the verification process the following documents are required: Government Issued ID, Proof of residence and Face verification.

7. Provide the requested information and press CONTINUE:

8. Select the type of ID (Passport / Driver’s License / ID card) and the type of document for proof of residence (utility / credit card / phone bill to confirm the address where you currently reside). In this guide we choose Passport as type of ID and Utility Document as proof of residence. Provide the requested documents.

9. The documents will be manually reviewed which can take up to 6 hours.  Press CONTINUE:

10. After the verification process funds can be deposited on your Kraken account. Find out here how to deposit funds to your Kraken account.

11. To maximize the protection level of your Kraken account it is advised to activate Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). Press SECURE on your dashboard to set up 2FA:

12. In this guide we set-up 2FA when logging in to your Kraken Account. This means that you have to provide a 2FA code generated with an Authentication App when logging in to your Kraken account. Next to 2FA for logging in to your account, you can optionally set 2FA for Funding, Trading and Master Key. Press the OFF button next to Two-factor Authentication:

13. Select your 2FA method of choice. In this guide we will set up 2FA via an Authentication App. Press SET IT UP to start the 2FA activation:

14. Use the recommended settings and press NEXT:

15. Scan the provided QR code and enter the given token by the Authenticator App, press SAVE:

16. Note: In this guide we set up 2FA via the Google Authentication App. If you do not have installed the Google Authenticator on your mobile phone yet, download and install the app via the App Store or Google Play.

You have now enabled 2FA to maximize the protection level of your Kraken account.