Why invest



Easy to invest

Anyone can start investing now. There is no need to be a finance expert or active investor to do so. You can start investing with just €50.


Peace of mind

You do not have to track or invest in the crypto currency markets yourself. We do that for you. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Easy to use

Getting started is easy. Set-up your account and link your exchange. Go to your online dashboard and start investing with just one click.



Grow your money

The goal is to grow your money while managing risk. ProfitBird’s technology invests at just the right time and secures your profits if the market goes down.



Manage risk

Choose the amount you want to invest and manage your risk profile. You can update it any time. This way, the risk you take always matches your personal circumstances.



100% Transparent

Want to know all the details? No problem. You can check all your investments in real-time on your dashboard at any time, including your return on investment.



You are in control

Simply start or stop investing at any time. ProfitBird automatically invests your funds on your behalf. We do all the work. You are in control at all times.


Your funds

Your funds are and remain in your crypto currency exchange account at all times; we have no access to your funds. We only invest them on your behalf.


Secure technology

We give top priority to the security of our ProfitBird technology and investment platform. This is what we continuously invest in, now and in the future.